CHADWICK WEIR NAVEGACION’s centenary of history, work and service was not overlooked and was a motive of celebration with clients and friends in the auspicious British Ambassador´s Residence, on past September 12th, 2018.

Chadwick Weir was established as a shipping agency in the port of Montevideo by a small group of British shipowners in 1918, to provide services to the vessels trading between Great Britain and the ports of the River Plate in the Southern East Coast of South America.

In addition to agency activities, as from 1959, the company was appointed as Correspondents by most of the P&I Clubs of the United Kingdom and Scandinavia.

In 1999, the work as shipping agents and surveyors was discontinued to exclusively focus in the representation of P&I Clubs, and nowadays Chadwick Weir acts only as dedicated Correspondents for most of the International Group P&I Clubs and a number of Hull and Machinery underwriters and other marine insurance providers.

In 2001, Chadwick Weir joined other long-standing P&I Correspondents in South America, to found SAPIC (South American Protection and Indemnity Correspondents Association).

Since then, the company’s Managing Director, Captain Alejandro Laborde, has stoplessly held the position of SAPIC’s spokesman.

Upon starting the celebration´s function, a welcome speech was given by the British Ambassador Mr. Ian Duddy, who remarked the longstanding relationship between Uruguay and Great Britain along the years, and recognized the contribution of Chadwick Weir to that by serving British clients over a century.

This celebration was a matter of pride and satisfaction for Chadwick Weir´s Director, Cpt. Alejandro Laborde who, at his turn, made mention to the goals and benefits achieved, the credit of the clients, and the prestige that the firm has both nationally and internationally.

“To get here, it has been necessary to travel a long way planted with difficulties, overcome challenges with intelligence and character, and adapt to the needs of the changes that the modern world presents more and more rapidly”, also reflected  Captain Laborde.


He further drew a brief historical stage as how  the Uruguayan society was at the   time of the company´s foundation , making an interesting comparison between the present and the past.

Cpt. Laborde also sailed across the main events of the company along the time, from the beginning in 1918 until this impressive milestone.

Finally, he felt optimist that despite the big challenges and changes that the P&I correspondents currently face, their services  will be always a necessary option for the Clubs and their Members.

Quality over quantity is Chadwick Weir´s motto currently and will be as well for the next years to come, concluded Cpt. Laborde.

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