100th. Anniversary

CHADWICK WEIR´S 100TH. ANNIVERSARY CHADWICK WEIR NAVEGACION’s centenary of history, work and service was not overlooked and was a motive of celebration with clients and friends in the auspicious British Ambassador´s Residence, on past September 12th, 2018. Chadwick...

New Marine Pollution law

The last version of Marine Pollution legislation dated back to 1994. After a couple of years of discussion in the legislation Chambers, a…

Loading Soya Beans Bound for China

A protocol of phytosanitary requirements for the export of soya beans from Uruguay to China has been signed by the Authorities of both countries.

OSROs Contract In Uruguay

The obligation to contract OSROs for vessels and off-shore oil rigs is given by the law 19.012, art. 6º, referred in our Circular Nov/12/12.

Bulk Cargoes Shortages In Uruguay

A significant increase in the number of bulk cargoes shortages in Montevideo and Nueva Palmira, Uruguay, has been recorded in the last year.

The Rotterdam Rules

Speech at the Uruguayan Maritime Law Association on July 22nd, 2010 by Captain Alejandro Laborde Shipowners’ and P&I Clubs’ views…

New rules for foreign surveyors

A new rule has been issued by the Coast Guard Authorities that will require immigration regulations by foreign surveyors at Uruguayan…